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Schedule:  A collection of days of the week and Holiday Groups used to define time frames for repeated actions.  Schedules can be used two ways; in Scheduled Commands to command hardware (readers, outputs or certain events) and in Access Levels to define when cards have access to certain readers.


The Schedules page will list all schedules in the partition.




Click "Create New" to create a new schedule or click the specific row of an existing schedule to edit or view history.




To add days of the week or a holiday group to the schedule, click the "Add New Day / Holiday" button.  Use the left dropdown box to select a day or holiday group and the slidebar to set the start and stop time.  The time between start and stop time will be when the schedule will be active.  


When a holiday group interval is added to a schedule, the days defined in that group will take precedence over 'normal' days of the week.