HID Controllers

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HID Controllers

HID Global's Networked Access Solutions provide a flexible, open architecture, IP-enabled platform for deploying a broad range of access control systems. Whether you need to control two doors or manage hundreds of doors at multiple facilities, HID Global's versatile and easy-to-use networked access control solutions bring intelligence to the door while protecting the value of customers' overall investments, from controller to reader to credential. Choose from the application that best suits your needs:


VertX® a traditional topology multi-door controller with downstream interface modules.

EDGE® a single-door PoE-enabled controller


Our flexible OEM panels and matching software solutions can provide access for virtually any access control software system. With this non-proprietary solution, you need only change the software if change is desired. In this rapidly evolving space, both EDGE and VertX easily adapt to facility expansion or changes in card/reader configuration.