Alarm Definitions

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Alarm Definitions

The Alarm Definitions page will show all the defined alarms in the current partition.




When creating a new alarm definition or editing an existing one, there are four required properties.


Location - The name of the hardware object that will produce the alarm.

Event - The event that will be tracked as an alarm.

Priority - A value from 1 to 99 that indicated the severity of the alarm.

oRequire user comment - Defines if a user comment is required prior to acknowledge/remove of an alarm.

Repeat Alarms - How reoccurring alarms are treated.





If "Just update total count" is select for Repeat Alarms behavior, the email and/or text message notifications will show the date and time of the first active alarm.  If using alarm notifications, it is recommended that you select "Record each separately" so the email/text messages will the latest alarm data.


There are two optional settings for all alarm definitions; Notifications and User Instructions.


Notifications defines which users will get notified (email, text message or both) and what information is sent when an alarm occurs.  The "Include Alarm Data" option will send specifics about the alarm (date, time, description, location and alarm count).  The "Subject Line" property will be included in all notifications and will show up as the subject for emails and the first line of text in text messages.




Click the "Add" button to add an email or text recipient to the Notification list.





Only users that have a mobile phone number defined will show up as available for Text Message notification.


User Instructions are text only snippets that will be visible when viewing the details of an alarm.



User Instructions are NOT included as part of notifications sent via email or text message.