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The HID VertX® products provide a complete and fully featured hardware/firmware infrastructure for access control software host systems.


The V200 input monitor interface connects up to 16 supervised input circuits. Each input point monitors and reports normal, off-normal, and alarm states. The V200 features on-board flash memory, allowing program updates to be downloaded through the network. The V200 connects to the V1000 via a high speed RS-485 network. The V1000, in turn, communicates with the system host via industry standard TCP/IP protocol, over 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, or the Internet. This architecture minimizes the impact on corporate LANs, by using only one TCP/IP address for every 32 interfaces, and by handling low-level transactions on the RS-485 network.


Key Benefits

Reports supervised or un-supervised alarm circuits.

Off-normal condition programmable for each input point (NO or NC alarm devices may be used).

Connects to the V1000 via RS-485.

Receives and processes real time commands from the V1000.

Reports all activity to the V1000.

Allows complex input/output linking when used with the V1000 and V300 Output Control Interface.

Attractive polycarbonate enclosure protects components from damage.

All connections and indicators are fully identified by silk-screened nomenclatureon the cover.

UL 294 and UL 1076 recognized components.


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