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The HID VertX® products provide a complete and fully featured hardware/firmware infrastructure for access control software host systems.


The V100 Door / Reader Interface connects two access control card readers via Wiegand or Clock-and-Data interface controlling either one or two doors. The V100 features on-board flash memory, allowing program updates to be downloaded via the network. The V100 connects to the V1000 through a high speed RS-485 network. The V1000, in turn, communicates with the system host via industry standard TCP/IP protocol over 10/100 Mbps Ethernet or the Internet. This architecture minimizes the impact on corporate LANs by using only one TCP/IP address for every 32 interfaces and by handling low-level transactions on the RS-485 network.


Key Benefits

Reports supervised inputs.

Connects to the V1000 via RS-485.

Receives and processes real time commands from the V1000.

Reports all activity to the V1000.

Attractive polycarbonate enclosure protects components from damage.

All connections and indicators are fully identified by silk-screened nomenclature on the cover.

Processes off-line access control decisions based on facility code.

UL 294 and UL 1076 recognized components.


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