Sargent IN120

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Sargent IN120

The SARGENT IN120 WiFi lock brings you the next generation of WiFi access control in a sleek, minimalist design. Leverage your IT infrastructure to deliver advanced access control to more locations, with the flexibility and security of HID® multiCLASS SE®technology.



Utilizes IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi infrastructure

multiCLASS SE® Technology from HID Global®

Field-upgradable IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi radio

Customizable feature set

Intelligence built into lock for local decision making

Privacy button

Field selectable communication frequency  

Integrated ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware, available in cylindrical lock and mortise lock configurations

Available with a wide range of finishes and decorative levers


Significantly reduces installation costs

Eliminates the need for any proprietary equipment

Ideal for hard-to-wire locations

Provides heightened security

Supports multiple credential types

Supports HID Mobile Access® powered by Seos®

Future proof for constantly evolving WiFi standards

Select only the features you need

Easily add features as your requirements grow

Lock operates regardless of network status

Supports up to 2,400 users

Provides a 10,000 event transaction history/audit trail

Enables shelter in place/local lockdown

Offers privacy capabilities for applications such as restrooms

Allows you to balance security requirements with battery life

Flexibility to support various openings

Assurance of high quality hardware from SARGENT

Blends into any environment seamlessly

Designed to meet the requirements of designers and architects

Ideally suited for

Commercial office space

Healthcare facilities

K-12 Schools

Colleges and Universities

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